Personal Pension Plan

A Personal Pension is a long-term investment that aims to help you build up a pot of money that you can use for your retirement.

Why take a Pension Plan?

Your road to financial freedom begins with our retirement savings plan. If you’re thinking, “But the State Pension will be enough” or “But retirement is miles away”, it’s time to rethink. You can have an adventurous retirement only if you begin planning & saving towards your retirement today. The excuses end here and the journey to financial freedom begins.


Benefits at a glance

Jubilee Insurance

No set up fee

Jubilee Insurance

Returns are net of withholding taxes.

Jubilee Insurance

Minimum guaranteed returns on investment is 5%

Jubilee Insurance

An excellent way to save money & see growing capital investment in a systemic way with a locking period of six months

Jubilee Insurance

Supplementary scheme & not a replacement of mandatory contribution.

Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to Our job is to help you choose the right insurance cover for you so that you may Live Free!